Slick Grace

Grace. 18. England.

Tim Curry is the greatest man to have ever walked this earth and Grace Slick is ruining my life.

Films. Little Nell. Madeline Kahn. Malcolm McDowell. Christopher Walken. Nigel Planer.
The Young Ones. Rik Mayall. Christopher Reeve. Woodstock. Matthew Broderick. Alan Price. David Bowie.


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-White Rabbit(Surrealistic Pillow)1967

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rose tints my world, keeps me safe from my trouble and pain

I’m really angry that this is the first time I’m noticing their color motifs. I’ll have to do some analysis of this at some point.

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“She’s got no friends ‘cause she thinks she’s so damn strong
But she’s the only one who doesn’t know that she’s the fool”

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